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About Us

BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS is a Recognised Body regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The Firm was founded by Bushra Ali, the Sole Director. Bushra Ali speaks English as her first language but also speaks Urdu and Punjabi fluently, Welsh to an A-Level standard and can read Arabic. Bushra Ali was born in West Yorkshire, and brought up in North Wales. She successfully completed her A-Levels in Welsh, English Literature and Law. She went on to study an LLB Law Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. Upon having completed her Law Degree, she went on to study the Bar Vocational Course at Manchester. Having qualified as a Barrister she went on to be employed as an in-house barrister for a renowned Practice in London. Bushra has devoted her practice to solely Immigration and Human rights since 2003. Having been advocating in a number of cases at the courts on a daily basis, Bushra decided she wished to cross-qualify as a solicitor enabling her to represent individuals from the inception of the case, right through to the end of the retainer.

Bushra joined a well-respected Immigration Practice (TRP Solicitors) in Birmingham in 2004 where she built her practice in appeals casework, dealing with complex matters and qualified as a Solicitor in 2008. Bushra moved to Leicester in 2010 where she joined a firm specialising in mental health. She set up their Immigration Department which she led for five years until April 2015 when she left the Firm to set up BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS. Bushra Ali has won many accolades including Solicitor of the Year, 2012 at Leicestershire Law Society and was a finalist for National Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year in the same year. BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS is a niche practice specialising in complex immigration and human rights matters. When asked what makes BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS different to other immigration practices, Bushra Ali explained:-

“To be a competent immigration lawyer, you need to be able to deal with the most routine of cases. That is a given. At BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS we thrive on the most complex of cases. If people have not come to us at the outset, they usually come after things have gone wrong. We have a real eye for detail. We analyses Home Office and court decisions, thinking outside the box and often find a break-through enabling us to challenge decisions that we deem to be unlawful, flawed, perverse or prejudicial to our clients. We challenge decisions by way of Judicial Review Proceedings and even at the higher courts, not only succeeding in challenges, but often recovering costs from the other side for our clients.
At a time when Immigration is deemed to be a controversial subject and the Home Office looks to `confine’ Human Rights, we `define’ our clients Human Rights and will not be bound by textbook immigration when there are real injustices and we believe in fighting for our clients’ rights as though we are fighting for our own lives!”


The ethos of BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS is therefore to go beyond the extra mile and deliver success and success comes with belief and conviction in our clients’ cases.

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