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I am still not convinced that enough people are aware of the change in policy/rules and the tightening up with regards to the good character requirements.

It is important to point out that the changes are not aimed at recognised Refugees.

It is fair to say that the good character requirements for naturalising as a British citizen were changed in order to penalise various breaches of Immigration control and to be able to prevent those persons from qualifying for citizenship for a period of 10 years from when the actual breach occurred.

We as a firm are aware there have been several Applicants that have applied for naturalisation as British citizens, only to have their applications refused and have attended our office for advice not understanding the reason why.

When applying for naturalisation as a British citizen it is very important that one considers the new good character policy and ensures that they are not caught out by any of the breaches and if so, they need to wait for a period of 10 years from the breach having occurred before making an application seeking naturalisation as British.

It is however important to note that even if one entered the UK to claim Asylum, failed in their claim for Asylum but was subsequently granted Leave to Remain for some other reason, they will still be caught out by the new policy for having breached any Immigration controls.

However, if someone entered the UK illegally, claimed Asylum and was actually recognised as a Refugee, they should not be refused naturalisation on the ground of breaching Immigration control.

Please note that if you are looking to make an application for British citizenship, Bushra Ali Solicitors are able to provide you with comprehensive advice so that you are reassured as to whether you are able to currently meet the requirements, or not.


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