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Indefinite Leave to Remain as a victim of Domestic Violence

In the event that you entered the UK with Entry Clearance as the spouse or partner of a settled or British citizen, or you were granted leave to remain as the spouse or partner of a settled or British national, you may be able to make an application under this category provided that you are able to demonstrate that:-

  • You are in the UK
  • You have made a valid application for indefinite leave to remain as victim of domestic violence
  • Your application must not fall for refusal under suitability requirements

In order to be eligible into this category you would need to demonstrate that:-

  • That you were granted Entry Clearance or leave to remain as a spouse or partner of a settled or British national
  • That you cohabited with your spouse or partner in a genuine and subsisting relationship
  • That you were subjected to domestic violence during that probationary period
  • The marriage broke down irretrievably as a result of that domestic violence

Bushra Ali Services

BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS have an extensive and substantial amount of experience in representing foreign migrants that are victims of domestic violence.

We have very strong relationships with numerous domestic violence refugees throughout the UK that frequently sign post their service users to BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS for advice and assistance in resolving their immigration matter.

We appreciate that having experienced domestic violence and being in a foreign country, there will be situations where victims of domestic violence will be vulnerable, having been subjected to exploitation and prolonged domestic violence and abuse.

We offered specialised services in having extension experience and training in being able to deal with victims of domestic violence.