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Families continue to be separated as a result of draconian Immigration Rules

We all continue to persevere in preparing applications for our clients- that is to reunite husbands, wives, partners and children.

We seem fixated upon making sure the particular application that we are working on succeeds.

However, how often do we spare a thought for those applications that are never made? We never see? Children will go without seeing their parent? Parents without seeing one another?

Just because families cannot meet that magic £18,600 figure (or even more when non British children are involved), people are not making applications, in defeat, with the belief they cannot succeed.

Rules are set to become even tougher and one must wonder how far this will all go before one declares it as unlawful.

As lawyers we will continue to run after payslips that are originals and bank statements that have been stamped and signed as authentic, but what does all this mean?

Lets not lose sight of the fact that genuine and real families continue to suffer as a result of rules that often appear to lack logic and a common sense approach!