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Family Immigration- Bereaved Partner

If you entered or were granted leave to remain as the spouse or partner of someone that was either settled in the UK or was a British national and that person passed away, you may be able to make an application seeking indefinite leave to remain in the UK as a bereaved partner.

You would be required to demonstrate that:-

  • As the Applicant you are in the UK
  • As the Applicant you need to make a valid application seeking leave to remain as a bereaved partner
  • Your application must not fall for refusal under the grounds of suitability

You will be required to demonstrate that your last grant of leave was as a partner of a British or settled person in the UK and you would be required to demonstrate that your partner has died.

It is extremely important to demonstrate that at the time of your partner’s death, the relationship between you as the Applicant and your partner must have been genuine and subsisting and both of you must have intended to live permanently together in the UK.

Bushra Ali Services

At BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS we would be able to advise you in relation to the requirements to be granted indefinite leave to remain as a bereaved partner.

We do of course appreciate that these are traumatic circumstances in having lost a partner, but it is of course extremely important that you resolve your immigration situation also.

We would be able to assist you through the entire process, advising on all of the documents required, explaining what the evidential requirements require you to satisfy and assisting by assessing the merits of all of your evidence.

We would draft a very detailed Witness Statement in accordance with your instructions, collate all of the documentary evidence and draft Cover Letter Representations as well as completing the relevant application forms for you.

For further information please contact us.