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Bail and Deportation

You and your family member may have been detained by Immigration with a view to being removed from the UK. Similarly, the Home Office may have detained you and you may remain in detention pending resolution of your Immigration Application or your appeal. May also have been detained and the Home Office may have set removal directions in order to remove you from the UK. If you have unspent criminal conviction, the Home Office may make a decision seeking to deport you from the UK. In the event you are being deported from the UK, under the new Immigration Rules, you do not have an in country right to appeal. This means that you would be deported first and then you would appeal later from outside of the UK.

Bushra Ali Services

At BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS we are able to represent persons in applications seeking Immigration bail both before the Chief Immigration Officer and First – Tier Tribunal.


In the event that persons are being deported or have been deported from the UK, we are able to represent persons pursuing out of country appeals against such decisions.


Finally, in the event that removal directions have been set and persons are being removed from the UK, we are able to assist in applications seeking Judicial Review and interim relief in the form of an injunction.


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