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Tel: 0116 28 34567 | Fax: 0116 25 52363


Current processing times

UK Visas and Immigration reports current processing times for in country-limited Leave to Remain applications as being eight weeks and settlement in country applications as being six month. One particular sentence has caught our eye as being quite odd if not amusing....

Our Prices

We operate on a fixed fee basis. Read here to learn more.

Bushra Becomes President of the Leicestershire Law Society

Bushra Ali Solicitors are very pleased to announce that Bushra Ali has now taken office as the President of the Leicestershire Law Society, a post which she will hold for the next 12 months. Bushra has big plans for the year and wishes to focus on supporting the wider...

The Loughborough Half Marathon

We have now closed the sponsorship page for Stephanie’s half marathon and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and offered their support for Stephanie’s challenge. We have raised an amazing £220, all of which has been donated to Living Without...

Bushra Ali is an experienced solicitor who provides a good quality fast service. Bushra never lets her clients down. She is always there to support you and provide you with the right advice.
In the stressful times before my interview, Bushra was the one who built my confidence. She was very supportive and familiarised me with all the procedures in the interview.
The fees are fair for the quality of service you receive. I will definitely recommend Bushra Ali Solicitors to friends.


Bushra Ali was not only a true professional but very reassuring and caring person, with dedicated and helpful staff. I would never hesitate to recommend anyone with Immigration problems to Bushra Ali Solicitors.

-Abdul Ghafar Ahmad