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At BUSHRA ALI SOLICITORS we offer all services related to UK Immigration law involving either applying to come into the UK or if you are already in the UK applying to remain in the UK. In order for you to locate the service you are looking for they have been grouped on our site in the four following categories but if you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to call us on 0116 28 34567.

Family Immigration

If you are in a relationship with or married to a British or settled person, we can help you seek entry clearance or leave to remain. Similarly you may be the parent of a British child, have access rights or have other reasons why you qualify for a right to enter or remain in the UK.

Business Immigration

You may own a business and wish to employ foreign migrant workers. You may wish to enter the UK to work for your employer, you may have funds to invest in UK business or set up as entrepreneur in the UK.

Asylum/Humanitarian Protection

You may be able to seek asylum or protection in the UK if you have a well founded fear of being persecuted in your home country and the authorities of your country will not be able to offer you sufficient protection.

General Immigration

You may qualify for leave to remain based on long residence as a result of the number of years you have spent in this country, you may have medical grounds or have established a private life in the UK.