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Client testimonials

Bushra Ali was not only a true professional but very reassuring and caring person, with dedicated and helpful staff. I would never hesitate to recommend anyone with Immigration problems to Bushra Ali Solicitors.          – Abdul Ghafar Ahmad

I liked the service and support, very helpful staff were welcoming and polite.

Through this entire process which was incredibly stressful, Bushra Ali guided me.  – Abdul Ghafar Ahmad

I will recommend anyone to use Bushra Solicitors Ltd because they are very good. They are always willing to help no matter what your situation is.     – Charlie O.B Forsyth

The services I received from Bushra Ali Solicitors was fantastic,

Bushra Ali Solicitors is one of the best Solicitors Ltd that I know.

Charlie O.B Forsyth

I am extremely grateful to Bushra and the team for helping me in my appeal to stay in the UK.    – Ali Hajezada

I talked to you about my Immigration issues and I had no hope but you gave me the assurance and calmed me down.

Thank you so much Bushra Ali Solicitors, we are much grateful.  – Catherine Worchie


I have finally got my visa. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done. Without your help I would still have been waiting , stressing and losing money and worst of all wasting my life away. This means the world to me. May god bless you for all your hard work and I cannot thank you enough    – Naresh Patel

Very good service by Bushra Ali Solicitors. She gives perfect advice and guidance for our case and was regularly updating us. I will recommend Bushra Ali Solicitors to all my family and friends  – Sabinabanu & Shamsolah Noori


I want to say a big thank you for the staff service. You have been a very good service. Thank you all for helping me.    – Naresh Patel

I am very satisfied with your service, concise and prompt action. I felt very supported during my case. I’ve been well informed during the case. I would highly recommend you.  – Sabinabanu & Shamsolah Noori


Bushra was so helpful from the word go when I started working with her on my case.

She is a kind lady, very helpful, very understanding and you can talk to her anytime. She will make you feel good and comfortable.

She is an intelligent smart lady who knows her job properly. She was a god send to my family.

I would like to thank her and will continue to use her services and pass on her details to other people needing help.

– Daniel  Mkhokheli Msipha

Bushra Ali is an experienced solicitor who provides a good quality fast service. Bushra never lets her clients down. She is always there to support you and provide you with the right advice.

In the stressful times before my interview, Bushra was the one who built my confidence. She was very supportive and familiarised me with all the procedures in the interview.

The fees are fair for the quality of service you receive. I will definitely recommend Bushra Ali Solicitors to friends.  –



It has been a long journey to get here, it has now sunk in that it’s really happening. Thank you so much for your support and kindness that is priceless, you gave me hope when I was in great despair. You were my strength through out the years, I have no words to express my gratitude and my heart felt joy.

I have seen and witnessed what makes you stand out from the rest. In a heartbeat I would recommend you to others. Once again thank you so much.

– Fungayi.

I will never be able to appreciate enough for Bushra Ali’s legal assistance, her care, dedication and personal attention in our matter.

She placed herself in my shoes and felt my need. Her service immensely beyond the limits and demonstrated the remarkable professional and outstanding legal assistance. I would highly recommend Bushra Ali Solicitors.

– D.S

Thank you very much for the professional advice and service provided!

– Ibtissam.

Thank you for the opportunity to be able to share my experience over the years, that I have been with Bushra Ali Solicitors. Bushra Ali provides you with high quality standards of case evaluation and representation, with full transparency in regard to merit and costs. There are no hidden charges in legal fees and every step of legal proceedings is explained to you fully to your understanding. She makes herself available to assist her clients who require urgent support even after office hours. Bushra Ali Solicitors goes beyond the call of duty to assist, with good and friendly staff always eager to assist. It’s rare to find solicitors with a big heart reaching out even to those with financial hardships. At a heartbeat I would recommend them to anyone.

– Fungayi